Time management
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How are you doing with managing your time effectively? Poor time management is the single biggest killer or success. I challenge you to start taking advantage of the motto “time is money.” Do the math to determine how much each of your working hours is worth. If you’re earning $75,000 and you work a typical 8-hour day, your time is worth approximately $.60 a minute or $36 per hour. Once you know your actual figure, ask yourself this: Would I exchange $9 for the value of every 15-minutes of interruptions or time wasted on non-productive activities?

Mediakix recently calculated average time spent per day on YouTube (40 minutes), Facebook (35), Snapchat (25), Instagram (15) and Twitter (one) and projected those figures out over a lifetime, arriving at a total of five years and four months.If that time was during potential productive working hours, that comes out to about $11,400 for that $75K-earner. The question becomes, is it worth it?

When we value our working time in the amount of dollars we can generate during that time, planning takes on an enlightened meaning, doesn’t it?

Do a little time audit at the end of today’s work day. Ask yourself the following questions. If you are surprised by your answers, there’s still time to plan for tomorrow to be a better day.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Analyzing Your Daily Time:

  1. Did I reach or surpass my sales goals for today?
  2. Did I invest as much time as I planned actually selling?
  3. Did I contact every potential client that I had on my list for today? If not, why not? What prevented me from getting to them?
  4. How much time did I spend prospecting for new clients?
  5. How much time did I waste chatting with co-workers or clients who are “friendly time-wasters?”
  6. What is the most productive thing I did today?
  7. What is the least productive thing I did today?
  8. Of the things that I feel were a waste of time, could they have been avoided or eliminated?
  9. How much time did I spend doing something that will result in revenue? Can I devote more time here?
  10. Did I accomplish all six of my high priority items? {Remember to write down the 6 most productive things you can do each day!}
  11. Was today a productive day for me? For my company?
  12. Did I take care of all the paperwork I needed to handle today?
  13. How many of today’s activities contributed to the achievement of my overall goals?
  14. Did I plan for, and invest time to work on my emotional or physical health? {This includes allowing for time to just think.}
  15. If I could live today over, what would I change?

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