A mother humpback whale and her calf put on an amazing show right off the coast of Redondo Beach, California January 13, 2015. Another calf–apparently older–prefers to spend time by himself a little further away, and can be seen in some of the photos at the end of this clip. Pacific dolphins also make an appearance 🙂 Boat: The Voyager (www.voyagerexcursions.com).
I shot the video using a Flip camera. Some great photographers were also on board: Laura Stella Cooper, Walt Conklin, and Gregg Gentry–one of Gregg's shots from that day made the cover of the Easy Reader weekly. I have included their photos in the end montage. Music: instrumental track from my song "Dancing on the Beach" ( )
More information:
Voyager Boat: www.voyagerexcursions.com
Gregg Gentry, photographer www.flickr.com/photos/36974624@N02
Walt Conklin, photographer www.waltconklin.smugmug.com
Evyn Charles www.evyncharles.com