This video will guide you on how to reduce WordPress load times and improve your speed. In my example from 3.81 sec to 421 ms. You can increase your site speed radically by following the simple steps mentioned in this video. It will also help you to boost your search engine rankings.
Establish baseline with Pingdom speed test: and do a backup before you start!
1) Use the W3 Total Cache plugin to cache the pages of your website or blog and serve static content to your visitors thus reducing the load time.
2) Sign up for MAX CDN free test account:
– – – W3 Total Cache + MAX CDN together improved speed from 3.81 seconds to 421 ms – – –
3) Shrink large images using WP Smush and Pixlr: &
4) Good maintenance: update all plugins, themes and WordPress version and delete unused themes and plugins
5) Reduce number of external services that take juice away from you site
6) Change your domain from www to bare domain
7) Change your host. We can highly recommend:

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